The name, “Kaleidoscope of the Soul” says it all to me. The kaleidoscope is a device which takes many random fragments and combines them into a beautiful, integrated and ever shifting whole - a perfect metaphor for both Soul Care and the Soul's essence which are multi-colored and multi-dimensional. My passion is to guide you as you seek to integrate your Soul’s mission with your everyday life increasing your sense of joy, vitality and a deepersense of purpose.

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Mary Evelyn Zimmerman is an Intuitive Holistic Health Practitioner, specializing in color and energetic therapies, as well as guided meditations. 

Education: Certified personal development coach. Certified in Theta Healing, Pranic Healing, Color Therapy (Chromotherapy-Color Puncture), Chakra Clearing & Balancing, DNA Activation, Feng Shui and Space Clearing.

Mary is known as a “healer’s” practitioner and assist empathic energy sensitive people to navigate energetic overload.  She has been a facilitator of “Soul Care” for over the last 20 years.  Soul Care introduces practical ways to Connect, Align, and Co-Create more effectively with your Soul's Purpose. She is a spiritual alchemist, visionary, teacher, channel, intuitive guide, as well as a multi-modality energy and color healing practitioner.Mary focuses on aligning people’s passions and inner peace in a heart centered approach. She helps people cultivate a sense of joy, vitality and well-being through the integration of body, mind and soul.

The Souls Journey is different for each magnificent individual. We each bring with us our own facets of talents, skills, and passions which contribute to our unique Kaleidoscope. Each of us has a unique soul essence, like a thumbprint. Our Soul's Essence has a name and resonates with color and tone. Each time our Soul, the essence of our Being incarnates it evolves and grows with a specific purpose in mind.

Before we are born the Soul plans out its evolutionary mission for the current journey. Imagine that before you were born, your soul reviewed what it needed from you in order for its continuing growth. As you accepted the challenges, the interweaving of your human story and your soul story began. 

Viewing the journey from the larger perspective is truly like looking through a Kaleidoscope- all the facets blend to become a meaningful whole. When we align with our Soul’s purpose we co-create a life that serves our souls consciousness. It is the truth of our Being and we feel integrated and authentic. When aligned we experience profound peace, contentment, good health, joy, love, creativity, and purpose.

What Is Soul Care

Soul Care is about taking care of yourself during the Soul Journey process. You will discover that as you align with your Soul’s Purpose, certain core beliefs and habits must be addressed through self-inquiry.  Fears, blocks and limiting beliefs create uncertainty, confusion, low energy, depression, lack of action and a sense of purposelessness. Often these restricting beliefs stem from past life oaths, vows or soul contracts. When you will break the contracts that no longer serve you, you can identify what your Soul is calling forth in this life.

Since people have different issues in their lives and different ways of learning and healing, I have developed different modalities to support you on your Soul’s Journey. I offer intuitive Readings, Healing and Mentoring, which can stand-alone or work together to best meet your needs.

The purpose of each is to help you reconnect with your Higher Self so you can take Soul-Guided actions in your life and support the highest vision for your life. Each addresses physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental factors while honoring your Soul’s Journey.   


Through Channeling, Readings, Healing, and Soul Frequency Home Design you will begin to align with the high vibrational qualities and aspects of your Divine Nature. You may learn to work with your own Spirit Guides or simply learn to live more intuitively. You will notice increased clarity, harmony and wholeness in your life. You will learn to stretch beyond the 3rd and 4th dimensions andto embrace the 5th and 6th dimensions. As you fully own your role as a Co-Creator of your life, you will find it easier to make choices, to say yes, and to relax into a life led by Spirit. Each decision, action, and word will lead you closer to your divine purpose and your sense of fulfillment. This ultimately leads to self-actualization as you begin living in alignment with your Soul's Purpose.

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