As you prepare for the change of dimensions and consciousness that is happening within you and around you, you may be stretched to what feels like your breaking point. Your beliefs may be challenged until you think you are mad, governments may be revealed as false, it may seem as though the world is collapsing around you.

--and I say dear ones, it is all right and necessary. Structures must fall, the old ways must give way --know that it is organized chaos from which will birth a new world, --one that is beyond what most could conceive of. Know that you are loved and revered by more than there are grains of sand on your beaches. You are never alone, and in this process you will gain the sense to know and understand this. We know what you need before you do, and you only have to whisper and we are there to give you courage, strength, love, and the wisdom you need.

--Let it not be a fight and war of the inner and outer worlds, but a reflection of the honor to your Soul in choosing this life. Always look for the gifts, blessings, love, and honor. And if you can’t sense it for some reason, you need to change your perspective like a kaleidoscope; the chaos only needs to be brought into focus. It is truly that simple. And you will know we are always with you, you are safe, and you are loved. Enjoy!

With Unwavering Love,
-The Council


The Council that I channel consists of twelve different beings from different dimensions or realms. The guides are Ascendant Masters, Angels, Nature Spirits, Animals, Elementals, and Supreme Galactic Healers.

  • Question: Is it okay for me to refer to you as "The Council" ?
  • Answer: Yes, but think of us as friends also.
  • Question: Would it be correct to consider you everyone's council?
  • Answer: ... Everyone that we communicate to through you. This specific group of beings have come together for the purpose of your soul mission.
  • Answer: Thank you I'm honored! 
  • Question: Does everyone have their own council?
  • Answer: Yes. However, not everyone relates to a guiding council on this planet. Not everyone knows how to soften their energy to be malleable enough or their vibrational buoyancy to be the leaf on the stream and flow through the dimension to gain soul-centered insight.  You know it is a process of sifting through the energy and listening for the truth. You will help guide people to find their own Council.
  • Answer: Thank you.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mary connects and does an invocation.

She describes feeling sense of movement, swirling, vastness and blue.

She asks for questions.

MW: Asks who will speak to us. We are a collective consciousness. Tonight we will speak as one voice. She will feel a difference in style and vibration. You will be able to sense that.

JC: Asks there some reason that this particular group of women are gathered together tonight to have this first public communication with the Council?

The Council & MEZ: I’m seeing whiteness. You’ve chosen to dance this dance together. This time has been choreographed. You’ve agreed to this dance. If you’d like to call it that, your vibrations are similar and what you’re processing in your lives at this time ---one of contemplation and expansion, a time for rejoicing and love of community and tenderness ---you will share. It is a time to support one another. Do you wish to know more?

JC: How might we support one another?

The Council & MEZ: You are to learn how to have fun through transition. To support one another through the creativity process, to share a loving embrace, tender hearts and compassion. You are to laugh! To find the joy!! ---Even when it's hard to find the joy. The three of you like to giggle and laugh and that will be a big gift of support to take intensity and edge off as you emerge with deeper understanding of who you are. ---To work on your programs, you all have programs waiting to be birthed, processed, developed, and delivered. All three of you! ---It’s a time where you can help each other in the delivery.

JC: Share about each person’s program?

The Council & MEZ: You Joan, are to lead with your heart. To develop a plan, a structure, that encourages people to fearlessly take a leap with their heart and trust. This has started with YOU! You know that in your heart. It resonates through you.

There is a piece that you don’t get. Would you like us to help?

JC: Most appreciative.

The Council & MEZ: Being human, here in the physical body, there’s an aspect of longing that creates a sense of separation from the soul and source that’s a low vibration – very low. You will be helping people to recognize this separation in them and showing them how to move beyond that. That love in relationship can be at a higher vibration, a spiritual vibration, a dance of the souls. Showing them the difference and…  

Can you all breath? Let the recognition o f the truth be taken in.

…how to be delightfully in relationship without attachments, fears. Lots of ah ha’s in here. There may be lots of steps to be followed in fixing this. It is not a quick fix.

 Keep breathing with me. 

…There is something in the density – the fear, the attachment. In helping people to identify their fears and attachments and releasing them or the simple awareness of them can release them in a moment. Then they will have the consciousness to attach at a higher vibration and pull in a mate who is at a higher vibration.

           We appreciate your breath. It makes things easier.

By teaching, helping people find and identify their issues, what is keeping them at a low vibration --their fears, misbeliefs in trust, denial. When they find, address, and acknowledge these in their consciousness a shift starts to happen. Through guidance further shifts happen. You know this! It is raising their consciousness to get out of the old crap. If they’re tired of being in same old relationship, they will need to find their higher vibration to find a higher vibration in a mate. 

JC: I feel blessed that we get to be here tonight.

MW: About MEZ? She will be guided along the way as she always has been. She is quick to respond, as she always has been. Her steps are laid out. One by one we will sweep the veil away and she’ll have clearer sight and knowing. She will delightfully dance to her drummer.

The Council & MEZ: Ms Joan, you have questions?

JC: Last time MEZ and I had a reading together, Mom talked thru her. Mom said she was available to help. What’s that about?

 The Council & MEZ: Being direct with your mother was never easy. (Laughter)

We said maybe she has grown a lot. … One could hope ---We are teasing.

 You can always call on her for encouragement and guidance. Right now, you’d be wise to go to your own council at a higher vibration. Your mother has the ability to be a cheerleader and director of sorts but she does not always know the bigger picture. She lovingly supports you and wishes to be available to you in ways she wasn’t in physical form.

JC: You have 2 of us sitting here who have headaches for years. Any words?

 The Council & MEZ: You both have of seeds of emotions implanted. When an emotion of similar vibration or feeling is within you, it triggers the headache.

 ---Comes from childhood events and living on the planet.

 MW: How can we excavate them?

 The Council & MEZ: We would say, you just pull them out, but they’re more difficult for you in this form.

 ---So find the emotion. So when you get a headache that is the time to go within and ask, and be with that emotion. Follow your feelings to the last true healthy moment. What was the next thing that happened? You can ask to see your original thought at that time. To have the vision, the wave of consciousness that resonates past that point, and clear it.

It's not necessary to know the event of imprinting, only to find or follow the lead to it. The trigger, the emotion. It’s not that difficult, you just have to be willing to feel and see through time and space. Giggling ---Let everything collapse around you and be with the pain. It’s just an emotion.

 That seems difficult to you?

---Try this when you're ready and relaxed. Ask the pain "When where you born?" Ask the pain when it was created. (Laughter lots of it. ) Let thoughts and judgments collapse. Ask: "When were you born?" Was I  7? 10? 12?" Bless it and pull it out and surrender it for healing. If you have learned what you need to learn, it will go. If not, then you can ask what you still need to learn.

You both feel like you’ve got it. Long overdue ...time for it to go.

(We got really hot although it was cold all day.)

JC: It feels like we’re coming back to life.

The Council & MEZ: It's already loosening.

 JC: That process is an exciting process. One more question. I am so amazed; is there some purpose for us being together or anything about us?

The Council & MEZ: It was inevitable that you’d find each other. You had made an agreement before incarnating that you would show up when you were tired of the crap. So you are here being delightfully enchanted with one another. What better way of spending your time through transitions.


"Last night I was treated to one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. Mary Zimmerman hosted two of us to her first group channeling session. We sat in her cozy living room bundled up with blankets and asked questions of her council of 13 guides. After a few general questions we felt comfortable asking personal questions. Our questions were answered tenderly, with depth and clarity. When the guides sensed we didn’t understand they found explanations. For instance, we asked about the nature of our headaches and were told specifically how to get in touch with their source and also how to rid ourselves of them!

She also gave each of us specific steps to take to further fulfill our soul’s purpose. Imagine that! I felt that my heart, heartache and great longings were known and appreciated. To get help with the first steps needed and to be given a general sense of a time line was amazing! I find myself eager to take action immediately!

The last piece I need to mention is that the feeling in the room was a magical mix of excitement and depth mixed with tenderness, laughter and lighthearted joy. It was not a somber intellectual experience but a delightful, collaborative soul experience in which we all supported one another. Mary’s gentle nature, tender attention to others, her kindness and sense of fun formed a foundation for this exhilarating ride through space and time with her amazing guides-the council."

-Mary Wimberley

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