Mentoring is Soul Journey Work

After a Soul Alignment Reading, you may like to continue working with me as a mentor to bring your Kaleidoscope into focus by embodying a fuller Soul-Centered life.

The mentoring sessions can help you stay grounded and on purpose while you navigate through these ever changing and evolving times, which sometimes seem to require day-to-day, and moment-to-moment focus to keep your head above water. You will learn to trust the invisible bridge of internal guidance as leaps of faith may be required to hold the courage and commitment to thrive.

Whether you would like to expand in areas such as:

Relationship, intuition, career, health, service, prosperity, creativity, or soul growth, I will hold and offer a spiritual Soul-Centered perspective as you take action and embody your life lessons, confront your karma, release past life overlays, transform limited beliefs, and end the trance of your personal story. Find your keys to bridge and expand into higher dimensions of the self.

  • We will collaborate to ground you in your Soul agreements and expand into a higher dimension and understanding and expression of yourself.
  • You can count on me to be steadfast, compassionate, humorous, and a friend of your soul as I challenge you to stretch into your wisdom with confidence.
  • Also, a commitment to at least one consistent spiritual practice during our journey together will ground you in your body as well as an expanded your consciousness.
  •  Since growth has its own timing, you are in charge of scheduling your sessions. Some times the four-session process continues over weeks or months.

Caution: This work may lead to excitement, feelings of freedom, joy, expansion, empowerment, fulfillment, and authenticity like you’ve never known. Please get ready!

We Could Work Together On:

  • Discovering your Souls Purpose Statement 
  • Discover, align, and expand into your Souls facets of agreements, and directives.
  • Deepen and trust your intuitive skills.
  • Learn how to ignite your passions, and set goals.
  • Hone your skills in manifesting your desires.
  • Learn to set a energy grid with your intentions and commitment.
  • Journaling, meditation, art, music, and being in nature.

 What A Session May Look Like?

We begin each session by tuning into your guides and teachers and then reflect on whatever issues are at hand. We embrace a soul-centered focus throughout our session. Together we will look at any blocks, and look at supportive and nurturing paths, try experiments, and maybe a little homework, to help you process out the old personal story and to assist in a higher vibrational alignment for the new.

I suggest that you keep a journal. Insights will arise and often dreams will be the means of your soul guiding you to areas that are wanting your attention.

Mentoring Sessions

In person, phone, or Skype     
4- 1-Hour Session   $497

Call today to for more information and availability.  

Office Phone: 610-450-4971  

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