Are you a "Change Agent" on a quest for inner growth while embracing a Soul-Centered life? 

Than please don't neglect your most important resource for supporting change ...our homes.

We are all growing more sensitive to our environments everyday,as our senses are heightening as individuals as well as the collectively.  Have you ever entered a space or someone's home and instantly felt uncomfortable, agitated, or apprehensive for no apparent reason? Or, have you ever found yourself instantly drawn to a space that, from the moment you entered it, you felt a joyful, peaceful, or inspired feeling? Unconsciously you are reacting to the energetic residue held in that space
and it is effecting your natural energy. 

There are subtle yet very powerful ways to clear, infuse and transform the energy and mood of your home, creating a supportive oasis designed for your energetic needs.

You Know You Need A Space Clearing When:

  • If you feel stuck and things just don't feel right 
  • When you're tired of feeling tired
  • When you're going through really difficult times
  • When your children are having difficult times
  • When you just bought a house 
  • When there has been a major sickness or death
  • During or after divorce
  • After an major crime, or attack
  • If there is a stuck Spirit/Ghost/Entity
  • If things keep going wrong, breaking, or you can't seem to get people to work on your house 
  • If you're trying to sell a house 

Space Clearing Will:

  • Clear stagnant energy
  • Clear negative energy that's left by previous occupants
  • Assist in creating balance and peace for ADD, ADHD, Depression, & Anxiety
  • Cleanse the space after an illness or death
  • Speed recovery in illness
  • Enhance harmony & productivity in the work place
  • Create positive energy flowing into your life
  • Assist you in making a major change (new job, new home, new relationship)
  • Increase your peace and vitality
  • Make a house your oasis for your creativity

Why Resonance Field Space Clearing?

All living things emit and receive energy vibrations; this contributes to ones frequency which adds to the morphogenetic field, the invisible glue that holds the "input and output" of energy by everything in existence. Your actions, emotions, and thoughts produce energy which ripples outward, like a pebble dropped in water. 

Just like the ocean contains salt, though you don’t see it. The field contains negative low vibrations. These energies you emit actually build up not just in your physical and energetic bodies, but also on your walls, furniture, plants, animals and personal objects, much like salt residue on a boat or soap film on a glass. Even the previous occupants of the space leave their energy imprint in the field. Living within this energy residue restricts and alters your responses in daily events and interactions. It’s like swimming in someone else’s bath water. 

At a quantum level, these molecules of low vibrational thoughts, emotions, and events actually imprint in the environment’s morphogenetic field creating an actual consciousness. These unhealthy qualities of consciousness are subliminally imprinting on the subconscious mind and at a cellular level, having profound negative effects, making it harder and harder to get ahead in life, to physically feel better, or even just to be happy.

Bruce Lipton PhD,

“Our environments, and everything contained in them as they are experienced by our bodies are programming the cellular membranes. So, when we are at home or work where there was conflict or negativity, we are programming our cells negatively. Just recently, science has found that 95% of the time it’s not our genes that determine who we are. It’s our thoughts, feeling, beliefs, words and experiences that determine how our genes are expressing.”

I feel this is one of the most profound and significant aspect of healing and attunement of our time!

We all hope and strive for change for the better in our lives; we pray for a kinder peaceful world for our kids; to live a long and healthy life and have the means to live well throughout it; and yet there is so much hatred, hardship, illness, and suffering. Why can't we break out of this cycle ? Because when we try to change, and the underlining low vibrations are still in the environmental fields, whether it's in the home, or as it permeates oin a city, state, or country, it’s like swimming upstream. Then anger and frustration set in and are added to the mix, and so on, and so on.  

In the act of “changing,” we are asking the brain to forge new neural pathways and health synapse patterns. If the firing neurons are interoperating in the same old input, change is more difficult. Space clearing actuallyhelps your neuro pathways in changing the neural pathways and synapses in response to the newly created healthy supportive environment.

So the good news is when all negative and unsupportive environmental energy is dissolved from the field, and your internal being is aligned with the correct clear external forces, those that are balanced, nurturing and positively encouraging, allowing ease and grace, can flow through the day. Now that’s the good stuff!  

Each space is unique and has its own special requirements. During the initial appointment (1 hour), I assess the space and your needs to define a plan of action for the clearing, be it traditional or spirit removal. 

The second appointment will be two or more hours, depending on the size of the space and the type of clearing. For a home clearing, this is generally best scheduled for a quiet morning, making sure there are no interruptions throughout the day. For professional spaces, this is most easily done outside of business hours, whether day or evening.  

Space Clearing: ...Start at $225 per hour and will vary depending on size and conditions; the amount will be determined during the initial consultation.   

Follow-Up Maintenance: ...$225 per hour. Follow-up sessions are available and Highly recommended as neededto maintain the already renewed energy levels. 

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