What Clients Are Saying About Mary


During my Color Therapy session I could feel pressure building in my head,  then a pop in my shoulder blade area,  followed by energy flowing through my body and radiating out of my head.  After the session I had a heighten sense of awareness of my body. I could feel my body working, like the blood flowing through it.  My leg were trembling for a little while then I felt heavier, and grounded.

-Hannah. -Westchester, PA

I was amazed in my Chromotherapy session, I could feel the colors going through my body as Mary worked. The different color glasses she put on me effected my mood pretty rapidly. Things really started moving when Mary asked me to focus on a negative emotion like fear or grief and breathe deeply.  She moved  her hands and a crystal color torch above my body.  My stomach started rumbling, which is always a sign for me that energy is moving in my body and healing is taking place. In this session it seemed the rumbling signaled the negative emotions were leaving my body. When it stopped she changed the colors and we replaced the negative emotions with positive ones. I left feeling wonderfully relaxed and grounded. 

-Joan. -Wilmington, DE

Mary’s warmth, sweet loving presence and wisdom beyond her years has made it so much easier to for me to get through my issues. It's like talking to you best friend. 

-M.M. -Escondido, CA

I have had many sessions with Mary over the last couple of years for healing and she has always gotten right to the issue at hand.  Mary has a great sense and intuition that enables her to find what’s wrong and then use the appropriate remedy to help me overcome my problem.  I find her to be very caring and thoughtful, as well as being very connected to spirit. Mary comes from the heart and it shows, as she allows herself to be a vessel of healing and loving light.  I would highly recommend her services, as she gets results.        

-R.G.- New York

I have had the pleasure of experiencing a number of Mary’s gifts; she has helped me with meditations, intuitive sessions, and healing. I have always emerged from a session with her feeling clear and balanced. She has helped me when I have been sick, and when I have been healthy but so scattered I couldn’t find myself. Her calming voice and ability to know exactly what to say have always been just what I needed. I would heartily recommend Mary!

-Justine /Massage Therapist -Philadelphia, PA

I felt a powerful presence of energy moving through me during my energy balancing. 

-J.E. -San Diego, CA 

Mary is a very talented Intuitive, who has an amazing, loving spirit. She helped me with issues from my childhood, healing traumas and clearing energies that weren’t good for me, as well as giving me messages that were very helpful to reflect on and move me into another, positive direction. She is also great with colors, and can give you the color you need that that moment that will aide in your growth and well-being. She really has many gifts to offer, too many to list. I highly recommend her to help you in multitude of areas.

- M.G -Long Island, NYC

As a healer myself, I am very particular about who works on me.  Mary is someone who I feel completely comfortable with and respect her skills, as well as her wonderful heart center.

-K.L. -Enscitas, CA

I couldn’t believe how I actually felt the energy moving through and out of me.  After my healing I felt so aligned and clear.  The tremendous stress of my week was gone and much more.  Thanks, -M.E. -Boston, Mass Mary is so sweet and loving, I love to work with her. She has created a very loving space and that is why I call her “the space clearing queen.” She has helped me get to the issues and beliefs that have limited my business and myself. This has made me more successful personally and professionally. Thanks Mary!

-Tamara Messanger. -San Diego, CA

Mary has helped me on multiple occasions, and always to my full satisfaction. She has cleared my apartment of negative energy and helped to send the spirits inhabiting the space on to their next destination. She has helped me with a past life regression while I was overseas. Through skype, she helped me reach a meditative step and guided me (with the help of my spirit guides) to observe what had happened in multiple past lives, and to see how it was affecting my current relationships. Mary is easy to talk to, courteous, helpful, and easy to confide in. I would highly recommend her services.'

-Kate Transue/Artist -Philadelphia, PA


I haven’t felt this good in 30 years. I didn’t quite know what to expect from a space clearing. Mary was recommended to me and I understood it could be profound... but I didn’t expect this. I have never felt so much in my power. I feel stronger, powerful and on purpose. I got off the fence and started writing my book again.  One week after the clearing I had the best visit with my daughter in years. I am taking control of my life, setting new boundaries, and allowing myself to open up to new fabulous experiences. I would strongly recommend Mary; she is so professional, loving and gets dramatic results.   

-F.S. San Juan Capistrano, CA

I had move to Los Angeles from New York to pursue my acting career about a year ago. A friend in NY highly recommend that I have Mary work her magic on my place. I loved my apartment layout, however the energy felt very depressed and I wasn’t feeling well myself. I heard one of the previous tenants was very ill with cancer and their relationship ended horribly. I could feel that kind of energy and I didn’t want that in my space anymore.  

Mary did a clearing and wow, I was there when she was doing it and I could feel things shifting right away. That night I when out to purchase items she recommended and when I walked in it felt so different, it was calm yet it had a brightness. Over the next week the energy continued to change. Now it feels energized with a positive and loving pulse. I am sleeping better, more focused on my studies, renewed commitment to my craft and I feel great too! Thank so much!

-D.B. /Actress -Los Angeles, CA


Prior to our working with Mary, we were completely overwhelmed by the process of choosing color for our standard all-white walls. We spent hours poring over design books and magazines - - which only confused us more! We were approaching color from a totally aesthetic perspective, and getting nowhere. Finally, we had our consultation with Mary and she gave us the opportunity to experience color from the inside-out.   Mary's highly developed intuitive abilities to choose color, based on each of our individual needs, provided us with a palette to work from. We were introduced to bold, rich, vibrant colors that we would never have chosen on our own, fearing that they might have been too intense. We took a leap of faith with Mary and will forever be grateful to her for helping us transform our home into an oasis of beauty, sensuality, creativity, and nurturing energy for our spirits.  

-Arlene & Bruce Actress/Poet & Investment Banker -NYC

As a Feng Shui "junkie," I have had many Feng Shui consultations in my apartment, but nothing was as effective or rewarding as having my apartment custom-painted by Mary Zimmerman, a Feng Shui Sacred Space Healer. The experience and life-changing circumstances that arose from this were amazing to me.  

-Chris Lovett -NYC  

I didn't realize how small my world had gotten.... I could never go back to white walls...            

-Al Buonanno /Sound & Vision Technician -NYC                          

Dearest Mary, Thank you for bringing such beauty, balance, harmony, happiness and elegance into our home. We feel that you have been an integral part of our process in our getting ready and feeling prepared for our little baby to be welcomed into our lives and our home, with an abundance of love -- which you have brought with you as well.   When you walk into the baby's room, you feel as if someone is embracing and hugging you with their arms -- with their whole being. Thank you, Mary, for putting so much of yourself and your love into the work.  

-Katherine & Jerry New MotherI/Feldenchris Therapist & Senior Partner in Fortune 500 Firm -NYC  

My career was going okay, but not moving as quickly as I wanted. Mary helped me to identify what colors and placements would help me to best move forward and follow my dreams . . . At first I was nervous and a little skeptical, but choosing to paint ended up being a worthy investment. Within six weeks, my client base had nearly doubled, and my life was richer and more satisfying. I am forever grateful!    

-Blair Glazier - Creative Psychotherapist-Brooklyn NY      

We owned our house about five years before we thought about painting it. It was all white with a gray trim -- not very exciting. Both my husband and myself worked long hours and we weren't home much. Finally, we decided to take the plunge. We called Mary to do a color consultation.

I knew Mary's reputation and was very excited that she was going to be working with us. When she arrived, we spent a lot of time looking at and discussing different colors. Mary got a good sense from both of us as to what colors we didn't like, and those we were naturally drawn to. Then we walked through the house, room by room, with Mary guiding our discussion and choices.

Sometimes, for example, a color that we thought we didn't want was exactly what was needed! Then we looked at a lot of different color combinations. Some rooms were easy, and others took more time. In the end, we were really happy and excited about what we had decided.

Then came the process of painting. We broke up the job into different weeks, staggered over a two-month period of time.The first week, we were out of town, which was convenient for Mary. However, it also meant that we didn't see anything in progress and arrived home to see half of the house utterly transformed! It was amazing how different it seemed. The energy and vitality of the house was so much higher. Before, all the rooms had seemed very much alike. Now each room had an individual personality. The bedroom was sensuous, the dining room vibrant and warm, and the study a place that felt expansive and creative. The most striking thing was the contrast between the painted rooms and those that were still white. When you walked into the white rooms, you could literally feel the energy drop -- it was so still and lifeless. By contrast, the other rooms seemed lit up, welcoming and fun. Living for several weeks in two different worlds was eye-opening and really demonstrated the power of color to transform a space.  

Mary used various tools, such as crystals and sage to Space Clear before she painted. It really seemed to make a difference. Sometimes it was quite dramatic. Several of the rooms felt like brand new spaces once they had been Space Cleared and painted. Instead of feeling dark and unwelcoming, they were open and inviting.  Overall, the house went through an amazing transformation. Now it's hard to even remember how it looked or felt before. I can't believe we waited so long; the results have been so dramatic and positive. Now we are living in an environment that is supporting who we are and what we want to do.

-Susan & David - Feng Shui Practitioner & Free Lance Publishing Editor -NYC


It’s actually hard to put into words, after the new colors and elixirs where painted on the walls… they were no longer walls, they seem to be a live and an extension of me. I feel awakened, more connected to my passions. I find myself organically being supported like never before. My desires and life purpose has really come to the surface. It is really amazing and sacred. Thank You!  

-Mark Germian/Healer -Santa Monica  

I just wanted to let you know that I think it is a tremendous blessing to receive the gift of your work into my life, into this space. You are truly a color shaman and a "healer". I am very impressed by your true mastery and delighted to be involved with your work so closely. What an adventure in really living. Thank you!!!

 -J.E. -San Diego  


It was really great of you to come down here and do all that marvelous creative work with me. It is such a new and exciting experience, taking me to a new dimension of my own feelings about myself. I seem to be moving through and healing a lot of areas internally and externally; some things are really opening up. It is as if the things that have been stuck are being penetrated with loving universal energy and opening up more and more to flow in harmony. You are truly a feng shui master, color shaman and a "healer". I am impressed and delighted to be involved with your work.   I love the sacred painting. It is the best paint job I ever had, and I have done many murals and things myself. I can really feel how the paints are cleared and blessed. I feel the paints/colors are eager to be with me supporting my life! It is such a pleasant, happy and excellent feeling. That alone is more than worth it to me. What an adventure in really living. However, to add onto that, the way the furniture is rearranged, the spiritual consciousness that you brought into my life and home, the healing work that you personally did with me, and the healing that is happening in my life due to the sacred colors and the feng shui is incredible! These are just SOME of the benefits. I am sure that you never hear all the great things that you do for people, because there are just too many to tell them all... Your work is awesome, supremely valuable, and it seems to keep on working long after the painting and rearranging is complete.I just wanted to let you know that I think it is a tremendous blessing to receive the gift of your work into my life, into this space. Thank you!!!    -

-Jorj Elprehzleinn -San Diego  

Mary's Feng Shui suggestions and energy clearing resulted in a major shift in my life and work.  The effect of the rearrangement of my furniture could be felt almost immediately. I was energized, on purpose and I able to stay on task resulting in major strides toward my goal.  In addition energetically, esthetically her arrangement of my furniture gave me a more spacious and lovely look to my small home. All this was accomplished with a very small expenditure of time and money. I recommend Mary to anyone who is interested in upgrading their life and environment.

-Barbara C. Lemaire, PhD/ President NextStep Coaching -San Diego

Real Estate Experiences

Benefits for the Seller  

Brooklyn, NY: Michael, a 34 year old professional, knew the New York real estate market was sky-rocketing. However, he was dismayed to find out how low realtor’s were suggesting his condos worth and how much renovation was needed. Mary was recommended through a friend and Michael called for a Feng Shui consultation before making some expensive investments.   The condo had nice large flowing layout and sat high up on The 11th floor with a great view of Prospect Park. The building was built in the 1940s and the apartment itself was an inheritance from his late mother and father.   Mary made an assessment for some inexpensive and dramatic changes. First of all, the energy was very stagnant, dingy and cluttered. The presence of his parents were still there with all the knickknacks and furniture as well as in ghostly spirit form. Secondly, structurally there was some water damage that need repair. The ghostly parents were still being little overly cautious and protective in the situation. Mary compassionately addressed the spirits and they were very willing to evolve once they knew everything was going to be just fine. Mary cleared out over 40 years of their energy in the space and the furniture. Michael removed the all the old carpet, exposing beautiful hard wood floors, repaired all the structural damages, and painted. Mary chose a photographer white for the ceiling for extra brightness and lift, and for the walls a relaxing very light sage green to fill the space with a warm comfortable feeling. In the end, the realtor was shocked at the transformation and Michael’s small investment turned into a profit $40,000.00 over the original asking price.  

Benefits for the Buyer   

Park Ave, Manhattan: Mary's client was a successful television actress who had just purchased a home two weeks before the consultation. Immediately upon entering Mary sensed uncomfortable, edgy, even volatile frustration, lack of trust, a relationship that had gone wrong. Mary told her client what she felt and asked her if she knew anything about the previous owners. Astonished, the client replied the previous owners were a super model couple and sold the property for the divorce settlement. She also confessed just the night before she ended her relationship out of the blue. Mary cleared the home of all the confusing emotions. The actress was thrilled; she noticed the difference in the energy and knew it was now truly her space.  An additional benefit resulted from the feng shui and space clearing work was that the actress had been working to finalize her new season's contract for three long months and within one week after her appointment with Mary she received and accepted a new contract, meeting all of her terms.

Perkasie, PA: Rob and Tiffany, a newlywed couple, were ecstatic about the purchase of their first home. However, they had concerns about the layout and the uncomfortable feelings left behind in the house by the previous owners due to a bitter divorce and money problems. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. They themselves began to have the very same problems very shortly after moving in. Mary performed a space clearing, taking just a couple of hours, and within a two months their money problems cleared up and their relationship was back on track. Two years later, Tiffany is 5 months pregnant with her second child and Rob received a great promotion with his school system.  

Burbank CA: Leslie and Tom inherited their home from a dear friend of the family. Their friend Shara passed away in the home after spending six years of debilitating illness confined to the den area of the home. Leslie and Tom were having a lot of uncomfortable feelings – sensing things moving by them, as well as odorous spots. Also, they found many orbs (balls of light) as well as apparitions of a child and an old man in photos. They knew there was a lot activity and they knew they didn’t want to live with it.  

Upon arriving at the home for the initial inspection, from the outside Mary and her assistant Ann could feel the heaviness and the spirits stirring. They knew they were going to have their hands full. At the entry door there was a very small dark foyer nook that smelled rancid. It is a very common occurrence with the paranormal; it’s similar to the way an animal marks its territory. Odors can be a simple natural of-gassing or a way they try to annoy, scare and intimidate humans.  

We did a walk through and of course their was a tremendous amount of surface residual energy created by Shara’s illness ,as well as her thirty years of day-to-day life with her husband and all the previous tenants. There was, in addition, a myriad of mixed emotions.

As we did our walk around the exterior, one of many very interesting things became clear. There were high tension wires running along their home just on the other side of the street. As Mary scanned the surrounding neighbors properties, she found the whole area was quite infested with lost spirits. It seemed that the hight tension wires, which just happened to run right along a huge cemetery, were actually working as an energy catalyst, like a train track, carrying spirits along, getting off whenever they found something interesting to visit.  

Santa Monica, CA: Mary’s client Ellen was a socialite going through a very tough divorce who had just moved her family into a charming old house. The house was built in 1905 and had a history for being in the limelight. The original owner/builder loved to entertain and throw lavish parties. Over time several additions were built. Each owner seemed to have special pride and love for the home. It was even a featured home in Architectural Digest Magazine.  Well, the home was so beloved it seems that no one wanted to leave. Ellen’s son was the first to see the ghostly spirits who seemed to be rather concerned by the new owner's desire to make some structural changes and update the layout. There were two ghostly couples who would breeze through the property overseeing the changes, and one of the gentlemen liked to hang out in the son’s room which overlooked the courtyard. At one appointment that took Mary through nightfall, she could see the courtyard full of guests reenacting a party from what seemed to be the 1940’s. Mary had her hands full. She assured the spirits that “their” home was in good hands now and there was nothing to worry about. Mary also helped them realize they had been missing out on a huge party waiting for them on the other side to celebrate their spiritual homecoming. This was so intriguing that off they went. They must be having fun because they haven’t returned.    



I was so worried about Coco, she just didn’t seem right. I had taken her to the vet and they were running tests but so far couldn’t find anything. That night after the vet appointment Mary came over, she said Coco had diabetes and his pancreas was enlarged, he was scared and in pain. Mary was able to tell him what was going on to ease his mind and mine. She did some energy work on him so he would be more comfortable. We talked about both how my energy is too excitable for him when I get home, and that I need to take a minute and calm down before coming in until he feels better. Coco also said he was so happy to be with me. The next day the vet called to say Coco had diabetes. Mary was right about everything.

-Sandy- CoCo  -San Diego

I couldn’t understand why my Gunner never wanted to be inside our new home. She was able to tell me it was because the energy from the previous owner was still in the home and he was violent. This was confusing and to frightening for Gunner. I was also concerned that he might be lonely when I was at work all day. Mary was able to tell me that he would like a companion and even what kind to get. What a difference this has made for all of us. Thank you.

-Alison -Gunner and Silon -San Diego

I was heartbroken, anxious, very emotional and ready to give up. My vet diagnosed JoJo with Feline HIV. The prognosis was that he was blind in both eyes and was going to continue to rapidly deteriorate. I didn’t know what to do. Since our session my life has changed and so has my relationship with my pets. I have a whole new way of relating to Jo Jo and my other animals with a new perspective and dimension. I‘m not anxious anymore and feel like celebrating the time we have together. Mary did healing work on JoJo and taught me how to do some as well, since JoJo’s blood pressure went from 250 to 178 in four days. His appetite has increased and his eyesight has improved. He is much more confident moving around the house and he is even jumping on the bed again.

-Pat - JoJo -Vista, CA 

Biscuit, my sheep dog, was having pain in his back right leg so I called Mary. But I found out about so much more than I ever could have imaged. It turns out Biscuit was very sad and concerned about me. Mary asked if I was sick because he was afraid that I was going to leave him. I said no, I ‘m not sick…but we do healing circles for people who are sick. It seems that Biscuit was getting depressed and afraid because of all the focus being around sickness. Mary was able to explain what was going on to Biscuit and that I was just fine and not going anywhere. She also gave me instructions on helpful things to do with him on those nights of the healing circle. When that was through, she did energy healing on him and it was so powerful that after she left, we both ended up taking a nap for hours. I felt so calm and relaxed and I now he did too. Biscuit is getting around much better these days.

 -Jann- Biscuit -Oceanside, CA

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