What is a Soul Journey

The Soul's Journey is different for each magnificent individual. We each contribute our own talents, skills and passions which create a unique Kaleidoscope. Each of us has a unique soul essence, like a thumbprint which has a name and resonates with color and tone. The Soul, the essence of our Being, incarnates with us to evolve and grow with a specific purpose in mind.

The Soul plans its mission for each incarnation. Imagine that before you were born, your soul reviewed what was needed from you to promote optimal growth. With your acceptance, the interweaving of your human and your soul story began.

 Viewing the journey from this larger perspective is like looking through a Kaleidoscope. We see all the facets as an integral part of the whole. When we intentionally align with our Soul’s purpose and co-create with an open heart, we become a living bridge for the Soul's consciousness. As we serve our Souls, we feel authentic and experience profound peace, contentment, good health, joy, deeper love, creativity and purpose.

The Weaving

We incarnate in this life and other lifetimes to grow in understanding, and evolve through experience. We each have a mission created through our story. We heal and grow through our life's story which is enriched by our cast of supporting characters and various plots twists. Fortunately we also receive guidance from other realms and dimensions to help us along the way.

I believe that those of us here on this planet at this time have vowed to be here now. With heart-centered enthusiasm and compassion we jumped at the chance to bring our light and creative force to the world. Each of us is a beacon designed to raise the consciousness of humanity and to aide the human race as it transforms and undergoes the process of soul ascension.

Part of the challenge in this mission is to break free from the collective consciousness that is aligned with ego and low vibrational qualities. This keeps us separate from our Soul's Essence. When we set aside our ego and allow ourselves to align with our higher selves we can easily co-create at a high vibration.

We are the change we have been waiting for. We are here to shed our fears and to find faith in ourselves and inhumanity. We are here to be in Soul-Service and to become the Change Agents of compassion, virtue, integrity and light.

Calling All Change Agents!

What is your Soul's Mission?

My readings, mentoring, classes and workshops are all designed to help you recognize your Soul's path, align with your mission and develop the needed skills to evolve in to your higher Soul Self!

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