Over the last 17 years, I have been a healer of the heart and home, guiding people with intuitive counseling and energy healing to help people rise to the level of their Soul’s Frequency.

Soul Care is a multi-faceted support system to help align you with Your Soul’s Journey through Readings, Healing and Mentoring. It's about embracing the necessary changes in our lives to create positive growth, to break through fears, to overcome adversity, uncertainty and limiting beliefs by removing blocks, beliefs and negative imprinting. 

Soul Care is about finding out what your Soul is calling forth in this life.

  • To align with those high vibrational qualities and aspects of your Divine nature. 
  • To learn to Co-Create more effectively and deepen your Soul's Journey 
  • To easily expand beyond the 3rd and 4th dimensions and embrace the 5th and 6th
  • And so much more! 

Channel, Intuitive, Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empath

Energy Healer: Shamanic, Pranic, Crystal, Color therapy, Violet Flame, Quantum, Theta, Past life information or Past-Life Regression, Aura Viewer, Astral Projection, Psychometry, Remote Viewer,  Resonance Field Space Clearing, Spiritual Mentor & Intuitive Guide

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From the age of three, I grew up in a old, haunted farmhouse built in 1786. From my earliest childhood I sensed energy that allowed me to feel the presence of spirits and different spiritual realms. There was a legend about a man who was struck by lightning in our dining room exterior doorway as he watched a horse and buggy go by during a thunder storm.  I intuitively knew this to be true. In fact I received detailed information about the wicked yet handsome, curly haired Michael and his travels. Because his presence did not feel safe or healthy to me, I felt uncomfortable in his presence. Actually, my dislike of his negative energy motivated me to learn how to assist spirits cross over. 

In 2013, I realized I had PTSD from 911. This was triggered by seeing plumes of smoke from a fire in the New Jersey pine barrens. I understood I had carried with me some traumatic imprinting, but had no idea that I had suppressed so much and how deeply it was affecting me. It took over three years of unweaving events and attachments at a physical, mental, etheric, and spiritual level.  

You see, for me the tragedy of that day was two-fold. This first part was the shock, horror and mayhem of watching it unfold and not understanding what was going on or what to do. The other side for me was witnessing and interacting with three dimensions or realms at once. I could see a vortex in the sky and the heavens opening up with thousands of angels being dispatched to do their work to help guide and heal. I could empathically see and feel the pain, confusion, and despair on the physical plain. I could also feel a ripple in the earth's energy field. When this ripple happened, many things occurred which have had lasting effects on the planet. It would take some 14 years for me to understand how this effected me personally.

The wave unearthed a level of burrowed energetic fear, hatred, sorrow, pain and suffering from previously fought wars, aggression, and ego driven control. All the low vibrational aspects of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and forth dimensional qualities loosened. The "pot was stirred" so to say. Within this level of unrest, spirits that had been stuck for years were now stimulated enough to be released and evolve to their next level of consciousness.    

My work for a few years to follow, beginning Tuesday, September 11, 2001, by helping shocked, confused, lost spirits and people to find peace of mind and heart.  

You will be able to read more in the weeks to come.

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