Transforming Your Home Into A Healing Vortex With Healing Color

Color Is

The Language Of The Soul

Healing Color in the home can be viewed as personal array and dynamic infusion of inspiration, healing, and transformation! This consultation focuses on the sacred interplay of Healing Color design from the client’s internal color needs. Every day you experience an incredible unconscious process as your body absorbs color. As light and color frequencies enter the body, their vibration merges with your chakra system and feeds you energy. 

I draw on my expertise and intuition to suggest color combinations individuallytailored to correct energetic imbalances. These combinations create new healthy stimuli for the body, mind and soul. As your internal color needs move outward into your home's color scheme, healing and profound transformation occurs. Using the healing power of color in the home or office continually supports yourself while raising your consciousness.

I view color as one of the most powerful means of transformation and balance which is important during this time of great change and new development in the world. 

On-Site Consultation may include the following:

  • Assessment of the energetic inner play as it concerns you and the land, and the building structure. 
  • Color Breathing Meditation, feeling color in your body. Focused issues such as Health and ADD, ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety.
  • Healing Color Balancing Instructions & Implementation Plan, Choosing Colors, Textures and Patterns  
  • Decor Considerations such as Decorative Finishes, Murals & Trompe L'oeil; how to bring in sacred elements 

Healing Color Consultation:  Are $225.00 per hour
Fees varying depending on the scope of work and travel costs.

The Science Behind Healing Color

This work is based on the very same theories as my "Soul Care" Chomeotherapy Treatments and Color Psychology by which to support our healing, growth, and transformation.  Scientific reports have proven that our emotions run so deep that emotional traumas can be detected as an emotional imprinting on our blood cells and DNA. Studies have also shown that color profoundly affects the biological and physiological systems of the body. Every emotionally imprinted blood cell in the body passes through the visual cortex behind the eye approximately every two hours, bringing “healing color” to every cell, muscle, organ, bone and strand of DNA in your body. Clearly, the intentional use of color from the environment is a powerful source of nutrients, keeping the mind, body, and spirit healthy.  

In addition to our physical bodies, we are born with energetic bodies, which radiate with color and tone. This energy system that exists in the body is known as the “Chakra Energy System.” Everyday we experience an incredible unconscious process as our bodies absorb color. When light and color frequencies enter the body, this vibration of energy actively merges with our Auric Field and subsequently our Chakra Energy System. Each chakra oversees the different organs, meridians, and life force systems of the human body.

This interaction of the environmental color stimulus has a profound and direct affect on our biological and physiological responses. The optimal functioning of the chakras is a key factor in the quality of your health, emotions, and overall well-being.  I skillfully introduce “Healing Color” combinations into your home that you may be deficient in, individually tailored to correspond to and correct any color imbalances you may have in your body’s energy field. This enables your body and all its corresponding systems to expand and release unwanted emotions and/or physical blocks while being supported and inspired through the changes you desire to make.

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