Each of us has a unique soul essence, like a thumbprint. It has a name and resonates with color and tone. The Soul, the essence of our Being, incarnates each time to evolve and grow with a specific purpose in mind. Before we are born the Soul plans out its mission for the journey for its evolution.

Imagine that before you were born, you helped to plan this expedition, your soul reviewed what it needed from you in order for its continuing growth. You accepted the challenges and the interweaving of your human story and your soul story began. 

Viewing the journey from the larger perspective is truly like looking through a Kaleidoscope, we see all the facets as the joyful whole. When we are in alignment with our Soul’s purpose we are living our truth, so we feel authentic like nothing before, from that alignment we profound peace, contentment, good health, joy, love, creativity, and blessing.

Specific life lessons are also discussed in the reading. Keep in mind that life lessons, can turn into issues, and repeating issues if you have neglected to embody an aspect of consciousness needed to have the positive turn around. They are often places where you might feel vulnerable. The good news is that when we enfold our life lessons with our unique soul purpose and our unique soul qualities, the drama is less intense and can often turn around.

Kaleidoscope Of The Soul (Alignment Reading)

A Reading is focused on getting the core information to you from the Soul so you can align and co-create with a higher purpose. This is a begining to Your Kaleidoscope of the Soul.

I will connect to my Council and Spirit Guides and to your higher self and Spirit Guides to channel what serves you best to recognize what your Souls agenda is for this incarnation.

We will focuse on what's at hand for you now. My reading are free formed (any topic) to assist your needs as you navaigate day-to-day challenges to keep you on track and in alaignment with your Souls path. We can go as deep as you want.

We can:

  • Acsess The Akahic Record.
  • Learn where or how you are blocked from being happy and fullfilled.
  • Plan, develop, and creative support to navigate the fulfillment of your dreams.
  • Help you to stay on track!
  • Soul agreemens and directives
  • Destress and create a healthy balanced life 

Below are topics that may come up during a Reading however you are encouraged to ask questions regarding any topic you would like to know more about.  

  • Channeled Messages & Healing
  • Self-Awareness & Empowerment
  • Identify Obstacles & Patterns Of Sabotage 
  • Focused Problem Solving 
  • Relationships And Money Issues
  • Get In Alignment With Your Vortex Of Joy & Vitality
  • Learn To Work With Your Guides For Daily Support
  • Communicate With Those Who Have Passed Over
  • Learn Your Life's Issues & Challenges, Karma, & Lessons
  • Past Life Influences Effecting You Now, Vows, Oaths, Creeds, & Soul Contracts 
  • Cutting Cords To The Past
  • Aura & Chakra Balancing & Clearing
  • Energy & Karma Re-scripting
  • Spiritual & Life Mentoring
  • Releasing & Repatterning Changing Disempowering Thoughts And Perceptions 
  • Setting Intentions & Taking Action

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