Soul Care Services 

  • Soul agreemens and directives
  • Past life influences effecting you now, (vows, oaths, creeds, & soul contracts) 
  • Cutting cords to the past.

Kaleidoscope Of The Soul (Alignment Reading)

A Reading is focused on getting the core information to you from the Soul so you can align and co-create with a higher purpose. This begins your to discover the Kaleidoscope of Your Soul.

I will connect to my Council and Spirit Guides and to your higher self and Spirit Guides to channel what serves you best and to recognize what your Soul's agenda.

We will focus on what's at hand for you now. My readings are free formed (any topic) to assist your needs as you navigate day-to-day challenges and to keep you on track and in alignment with your Souls path. We can go as deeply as you want.

We can:

  • Access The Akashic Records.
  • Learn where or how you are blocked from being happy and fulfilled.
  • Provide creative support to help you fulfill your dreams.
  • Help you to stay on track!

Photonic Light Body Renewal™

Inferred Sonic Light | Color Therapy | Color Puncture | Pranic Healing | Reiki | Chakra Clearing & Balancing | Essential Oils | Orchid Essences | Crystals

Mary’s sessions are heart-centered offering intuitive insight, which helps to identify what’s blocking you from your optimal health and well-being. Photonic light treatments are full spectrum color attunements for the mind, body, and soul.

Photonic Color works at the quantum level effecting both cellular alignment as well as the conscious and unconscious mind.  Visual brain stimulation by the use of color have accomplished rapid recovery from trauma, depression, physical pain and spiritual blockages.

Mary works to clear specific energy patterns effecting you from cellular memory, to generational patterns. Once cleared, you’ll experience a sense of vitality with clear, flowing, healthy energy throughout your body.

NASA has been using Photonic Light Therapy for decades to speed up healing for astronauts. Studies show color profoundly effects out of phase melatonin production, which directly effects Sleep disorders, S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder), ADHD, PMS, Anxiety, Stress, Bipolar disorder, and Depression, and so much more!

Healing & Reclaiming The Sacred Womb -Private Sessions

This healing session is focused on deep multi-dimensional releasing of past wounds, and limiting beliefs instilled from old paradigms. We will detach from low vibrational cording and attachments at a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. We will heal the wounds from the unawakened masculine, free “The Sacred Womb” and restore Divine Balance, virtue, and wisdom. We will also work on historical and ancestral beliefs, all the way down to the quantum cellular level.

This is an opportunity to Rise Up and “shed” the residue and scars from old relationships and the female collective consciousness in profound ways with empowering grace.


With mentoring you will learn personalized techniques taught one-on-one, to deepen and trust your intuitive skills, discover, align, and expand into the higher dimensions of yourself and your Souls Purpose. This is the action building aspect to bringing your Kaleidoscope into focus.

Together we will look at any blocks that may be in you way. We will look at supportive and nurturing paths, try experiments and do a little homework. This will help you attain a higher vibrational alignment expanding your sense of your Soul's true nature.

  • Learn how to ignite your passions, set goals and hone your skills in manifesting your desires.
  • Learn the law of attraction and use it to intentionally imprint your morphogenetic field.
  • Learn to trust the invisible bridge as leaps of faith and courage are required.  

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