The facets for the home are "Soul Frequency Home Design." This process is an integration of intuition, the principles of Space Clearing, Healing Color, and Intuitive Feng Shui, to create a vibrational alchemy in the home that enriches our body, mind and spirit. I believe by nurturing the soul of our homes through the use of and understanding of these modalities, the home becomes a Personalized Sacred Sanctuary. It is decorated with Intention, Inspiration, Love, and a “CLEAR” connection to the Universal Laws of Attraction.  

I intuitively and energetically assess your current life's challenges and health issues, finding the energy blocks or negative energy that you may be holding onto in your internal etheric body, emotional body, and physical body. Then, finding the energetic corresponding and connecting cording to your home, I release and transform that energy through Resonance Field Space Clearing. After the energy is cleared, I then offer balanced interior design suggestions that blend with you and your family for your internal color needs for balance , peace, and inspiration. This creates Full Spectrum Living, being physically in vibrational alchemy in the home and the heart. It enriches our body, mind and spirit.

  • Resonance Field Space Clearing will not only shift and remove negative imprinting still held in your home and property, but it also infuses your positive intentions to create a peaceful, grounded vibrational cocoon in the home that enriches your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Healing Color in the home is a personal array and dynamic infusion of inspiration, healing, and transformation! This consultation focuses on the sacred interplay of Healing Color design from the client’s internal color needs. Every day you experience an incredible unconscious process as your body absorbs color. As light and color frequencies enter the body, their vibration merges with your chakra system and feeds you energy. 
  • Elixirs are made from organic activating ingredient that with instruction programs the molecular structure of your paint, which when programed infuses the paint with your intentions which adds a level of dimension input to your homes resonance field.

 Healing Color

Resonance Field 

Space Clearing


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